We no longer need a new web designer

As you can see, our new website is up and running. There's still a lot of work to be done, and we'll try to improve the forum soon, including giving it more space.

I also need to write a manual for the game, which I will get round to doing as soon as I have time.

Besides the website, 0.9.8 is coming on nicely, it now contains a napalm strike, zero netplay bugs, lots of new maps, lots of new forts, new themes, indestructable land, bug fixes and more.

If anyone is familiar with pascal and feels like helping me add a few more simple weapons to the release, let me know. Our lead coder is busy working on larger features and I could use someone that would like to add little things here and there for me.

Anyway, we'll be releasing soon!  Keep spreading the Hedgeword!

awsome game, awsome future release !

Cette nouvelle apparence correspond mieux à l'ambiance du jeu et est plus convivial. Parfait

Une fois de plus jolie travail.

Merci au webdesigner qui a donné de son temps.

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