0.9.8 Released!

Well folks, 0.9.8 is finally here,
You can go and grab it on the download page here

you can find the changelog below  :D
  • Massive number of network play bugfixes
  • Now spectating works for those who joined after game start
  • New Drill rocket weapon
  • New Napalm strike weapon
  • New Super awesome super weapon
  • Land can now be set to be indestructable
  • Six brand new maps using new themes
  • Lots of new forts
  • Hellish hand grenade reworked
  • Brand new server lobby
  • Lobby chat
  • Spread of Melon Bomb fragments improved
  • Blowtorch bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed a crash bug that occured when the engine had no room to place all Hedgehogs
  • More delay after jump, less delay after small fall for hedgehog
  • Limit max chat message length to 300 characters
  • Ammo menu no longer closes when user clicks on not yet available weapon
  • Ammo scheme bug fixes
  • Fire effect improved
  • Increased version number

We'd like to see all of you on the brand new servers, chatting and becoming part of the Hedgewars community!

We're going to need your support to raise the popularity of Hedgewars, tell your friends, tell your mother! write to news sites, post on forums, post on blogs, post on youtube, let the world know about us!

Enjoy 0.9.8!



Wooo! Big Grin :D

Yay now I will die happily.


digging through the land (e. g. blowtorch or drill rocket) is incredibly slow. 0.9.7 did not have this problem. anyone else seeing this problem?

"Increased version number", nice change ;D

Big Grin

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