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Post them here! - "I jizzed in my pants" song - Lol, ouch... - Tiyuri's failed past-time. - 3 seconds of brilliance. Elmo's a fag anyway.

Post vids you think are funny!

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banana split loool.. ouch

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Avatar extremely related

БЫСТРО БЛДЖАД! Полицейский, что это необходимо для Вас, блджа, падает отсюда блджад!

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i think this guy cant sleep the next weeks lol

please add your xfire accountname here:

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That video is just awesome Big Grin

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Big Grin Thanks for the vid, Magik_18l. It's soooooo funny. Smile

EDIT: Here's another hedgehog-video: Big Grin

HTML = How To Meet the Ladies

Here is my Unofficial Manual for HW. Hope you like it. Wink Smiley Still working on it. Don't worry. Will get it finished...Sometime in the future. Big Grin

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