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i am sorry, i do not want to stir up trouble but i really need to get this off my chest and i want to see if i am the only one that thinks this:

netbooks were made for basic internet access! why do we have increasingly more powerful netbooks being made and why is everybody running out and buying one just to complain it can't do what a real laptop can do?

/end rant here Aghh

thank you...

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Smile Whut? I don't know people near me who say such thing Wink Smiley We all use them for surfing or programming. And a little bit of good ol' fashioned gaming but mostly with retro games. I myself don't have such small thing (my d*ck is big <- surely Tiyuri will edit this part Big Grin). Yes, the made purpose of the netbooks is to be mobile. And mobile means small and lasts for long with not so high performance. I don't approve the fact that they improve the performance of netbooks but the battery remains the same which undoubtedly leads to less running time. Performance is raising but not enough to do something more then by the weaker predecessors. We eat nuts because the producers make us believe we want to...That's all Geek

If someone wants good performance netbooks aren't the thing he should buy. The best performance-price correlation is by the PCs. But you can't take your PC in your pocket Wink Smiley

HTML = How To Meet the Ladies

Here is my Unofficial Manual for HW. Hope you like it. Wink Smiley Still working on it. Don't worry. Will get it finished...Sometime in the future. Big Grin

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