Tournament Wrapup

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I'll start with room chat log.
*** nemo joined
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Michael: hi
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MkkBote: 1 min
nemo: I was expecting more crowds Smile
MkkBote: Smile
nemo: maybe they can't read
MkkBote: where is Andrey ?
nemo: slow watch? hasn't heard of time servers yet?
*** strateg joined
*** wda joined
Andrey: I'm late, sorry!
MkkBote: add team
nemo: coin toss
Andrey: you already tossed the coin?
nemo: no
MkkBote: I head
nemo: ok
Andrey: I edge
Andrey: xD
nemo: tails again
Andrey: hurray
*** sansnom joined
Andrey: smilley map
nemo: sansnom
unC0Rr: lol
nemo: tournament
MkkBote: kick him
koda: Big Grin
unC0Rr: halloween
nemo: get rid of bobo
*** sansnom left (Kicked)
MkkBote: gl hf
MkkBote: gl hf
unC0Rr: gl
nemo: unc0rr can now relax and watch
unC0Rr: :P
unC0Rr: Sad Smiley
*** wda left (bye room)
nemo: switch hedgehog + mine on bottom level would have been my choice
unC0Rr: oh noes
MkkBote: hmm ...
MkkBote: NOOO
MkkBote: l0l
unC0Rr: fail
Andrey: meh
Andrey: wrong part of the head ;D
nemo: I keep expecing one of those two up there to shotgun. lazy bastids
MkkBote: NOOO
nemo: oh. sorry. that counts as speculation.
*** X joined
unC0Rr: too many mistakes
MkkBote: I play bad
nemo: that works too Smile
unC0Rr: awesome
X: wow nice move
Andrey: w00t, I hoped for up to 80 damage
nemo: before. 1 shotgun blast to open, another to knock over
nemo: IMO
Andrey: take a ruler
*** X left (bye room)
koda: it's a 3 games match right?
nemo: yep
MkkBote: best of 3
Andrey: bah
nemo: heh
nemo: you had time to set that up
Andrey: Bote srsly dislikes mines, lol ^^
nemo: ??
Andrey: cleared all of them
nemo: what's he doing is what I'm wondering
nemo: slow death?
* unC0Rr downloads VS express to compile QCA2 Big Grin
nemo: lol
nemo: threat of koda ripping it out? Smile
unC0Rr: 4 hhs vs 1...
nemo: yeah. he can afford to be sloppy
* koda working on it
MkkBote: gg
MkkBote: omg
unC0Rr: Andrey is cool player
nemo: nice. all 4 survived
nemo: mkkbote, you win next. stretch this out
unC0Rr: yeah
unC0Rr: Big Grin
Andrey: hmmm, dangerous map
unC0Rr: switch teams?
Andrey: we did
nemo: they did, didn't they?
unC0Rr: oh
nemo: andrey went first
unC0Rr: sry
MkkBote: If I play like my last Round , I will lose
Andrey: bote, you ok with this map?
MkkBote: yes
Andrey: bad placing here = death ^^
unC0Rr: play like I did in my first round against him
MkkBote: ^^
Andrey: koda, strateg
nemo: this map will favour mkkbote maybe
MkkBote: I like risk now
MkkBote: risk=win Mkk-Bote
*** koda left (: hGetLine: resource vanished (Connection reset by peer))
*** Ashiren joined
*** koda joined
nemo: strateg
MkkBote: strateg
MkkBote: kick ?
nemo: heh
unC0Rr: kick him
nemo: strateg. ready
Andrey: let's play then
*** strateg left (Kicked)
MkkBote: gl hf
nemo: ouch
MkkBote: NOOOO
nemo: poor mkkbote Smile
unC0Rr: Shocking
Ashiren: hmm
Andrey: switch fast ^^
*** [GLL²]Gondlar joined
Ashiren: itll fail anyway
Andrey: that's a damn small map ^^
Andrey: told ya, his disarming all mines
nemo: close
MkkBote: hi
[GLL²]Gondlar: hi@all
unC0Rr: lol
nemo: haha
Ashiren: so close
koda: asd
Andrey: amg
unC0Rr: nice
nemo: same place he got firepunched before Big Grin
unC0Rr: 3 hedgehogs got damage
Andrey: NOT
nemo: drill??
MkkBote: why not ?
unC0Rr: why not drill
nemo: well. works I guess.
koda: clever
nemo: deagle too risky?
Ashiren: deagle too weak
unC0Rr: too risky, yes
unC0Rr: nice
[GLL²]Gondlar: and gets copied instatly
unC0Rr: MkkBote plays nice
Andrey: D:
Ashiren: oh
MkkBote: NOOO
unC0Rr: nooo
nemo: heh
Ashiren: poor thing
nemo: show him how it is done? Smile
unC0Rr: use with care Big Grin
unC0Rr: lol
unC0Rr: Big Grin
Andrey: kinda
unC0Rr: well, 2x2
nemo: still winable
Andrey: is it already cake-time?
nemo: 70dmg
unC0Rr: yup
nemo: hm
unC0Rr: ...
nemo: nooo
MkkBote: fail
nemo: why? Sad Smiley
nemo: I wanted 3 matches
MkkBote: not cake time
nemo: yeah. but rerope. or drop
unC0Rr: if you dropped dynamite properly, you wouldn't have to go away with rope
nemo: frig
nemo: 'course. on my mkkbote matches I threw myself in water twice on damn rope
unC0Rr: opened
nemo: and failed a whip once
unC0Rr: lol
unC0Rr: wonder how you won digiti
nemo: I played better first round
unC0Rr: she pretty often wins against me
Ashiren: backdoor
nemo: was maybe a bit sleepy 2nd. also hadn't played 0.9.9 in a while
nemo: nice idea
nemo: he still has switch though I think
unC0Rr: lol.. .second bonus
nemo: not that he needs it
Andrey: ballgun
Andrey: but won't work here D:
unC0Rr: Big Grin
Andrey: sorry Robin!
MkkBote: gg
nemo: oh well.
unC0Rr: gg
nemo: semifinal matches were more dramatic Big Grin
nemo: I will be watching those
unC0Rr: Big Grin
nemo: but. yeah. good fight overall, 'grats to Andrey.
Andrey: thanks for the match
nemo: hedgewars champion
nemo: he would have kicked my ass for sure
unC0Rr: \o/
MkkBote: I have to go now gg Andery you ae the champion
MkkBote: ae0are
*** Ashiren left (bye room)
Andrey: too bad Oxy signed off
koda: gg Smile

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I'm sure the games will be posted soon, and the ladder updated.

Looks like Tiy's in, ladder updated.

Continue honouring victor I guess...

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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I love it when there's some cool chit-chat while playing Smile Without it I don't wanna play. Hope we see some exploding demos soon Wink Smiley

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