vertical black lines, missing background in nature

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I want to say that this game is TOTALLY AWSOME!! GREAT JOB!!!

My problem is that in every theme I have black vertical lines. Ive tried serveral resolutions, running fullscreen and windowed, reinstalling... nothing helped :/

here is the screen:

also in nature theme there is background glitch, but I have fixed it. Sky image is 2091x1024 and it should be 2048x1024. If You get same thing as schowed on tehe screen under this text, You should change 'Sky' image resolution.

my spec:
Windows XP SP2
GeForce MX 4 64MB
Athlon XP 1800+
Direct X 9.0c

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I don't see a problem in the first screenshot. If you mean the tiny line that runs from top to bottom of both hills - it's from the sprites.
The second thing with the sky - the problem comes from you and *I think* particularly - from you card. By me Sky.PNG is with res 2091x1024 and I have no problem.

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I see the problem with the first image, I'll ask one of our coders if they know any reason for it, but honestly I think it's probably your graphics card, the MX is very very old now. As for the background, I'm not sure why resizing the image fixes the problem for you (probably another card issue), but the image should display at its original resolution, resizing it is going to cause the hills in the background to be mishaped.

Hopefully someone will be able to help you though

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I'm rather sure that problem is caused by the graphics card not supporting "non power of two textures" (i.e. textures with height/width not being 2^x; so not 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, ... pixels) or the texture just being too large (i.e. violating maximum texture size).

Wouldn't be bad for the game to check that driver capability before running into problems. Some drivers might not ignore such issues and just crash.

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The same here, but a little uglier. My black lines are bigger and also horizontal.

Ubuntu 9.04, Radeon 9600pro, driver open.

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I have the same Problem sometime and i have a ATI Radeon 3850

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I have the same problem (also horizontal lines, no background in some maps, for example hedgelove) with hw 0.9.11 on gentoo-system with radeon driver for ATI Mobility Radeon 9600.

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I sometimes meet the problem showed on the second picture. But it appers only with 2-3 kinds of themes. The rest of them works perfectly. I solved it by reducing details in game options.

PS. I hadn't any graphic problems in 0.9.10.

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It's a known bug with 0.9.11 due to textures being too big for your graphics card to handle properly.

0.9.12 should include two fixes for this: Textures that fail to load are replaced by dummy textures so you won't see random patterns (and nothing instead) if they aren't critical (i.e. nothing required to play/understand what's going on).

In addition to that I'm sure someone will find the time to resize all theme textures so they're not bigger than 2048 pixels (most cards used today should be able to handle those).

You don't encounter the problem with reduced graphics due to the horizon/sky (those textures causing those problems in general) aren't drawn at all.

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