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Hi there,

In this topic u can read about aiming system I have created. It’s quite simple to understand. You will probably find it easy and that’s the point. In fact there’s only one element of this system that can become a problem for some of you,…clicking^^.

Let’s start. Go to single player game options and choose the map “hedgewars” (it’s good for training). Then choose two of your teams. Don’t add CPU team, u don’t need it. Choose pro mode weapon and default game schema (It would be better for u to create your own game schema without boxes, with lots of time and immortality for hedgehogs). Start the game. Below you can see steps u should follow:

1. Choose mortar
2. Aim vertically in the sky
3. Hold left shift and click down arrow. Do it really fast and observe the aimer, it must barely move. Saying “barely” I mean really BARELY.
4. Shoot

The distance u’ll make with this shot should be very small. So small that your hedgehog will be scratched by shock wave of the explosion.
Take notice of the distance between your hedgehog (position before being “pushed” by the shock wave) and the point where missile (not cluster) hit. You have to be able to repeat this single click many times and really fast. Each one must be the same. To get your target u have to check how many clicks like that u need to reach it.

Too make it easier for u I’m adding a demo* of my training and some additional information, which u will probably modify for yourself.

I use resolution 1024(wide)*768(high), monitor 4:3 (some of u have 16:9- panoramic). For me there are 22 clicks to be made to hit through the whole visible screen (from the left down corner to the right one). If u want to use other resolution then u can easily count it f.g.:
1024-22 (clicks)
1280-x (clicks)

1280*22 divided by 1024= 27,5 clicks
x= 27,5

This is very important for u to learn those “clicks” because it’ll be usefull for bazooka aiming (soon, maybe tomorrow, I'll add info about thatSmile).

PS. U can use the same system of aiming for grenadesSmile
PS.2.One more thing. If the target is higher/ lower than active hedgehog then u have to correct it by increasing/decreasing number of clicks.
PS.3. Maximum range of mortar is about 44 (the distance of 44 click) to reach it u don't have to click it 44 times, but of sourse u can. Aime with the angle of 45 * (point your hedgehog in the down corner of the screen and refer to the sides of your monitor). If the distance to the target is further ...don't even bother...

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Thanks for finally posting it =) I hope mode pro will become more interesting now... actually I've already used it in default and could win a couple of times because of the advantage it gave me.

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It's time for bazooka aiming trainingSmile This system is based on the same rules u could read about in my prewious post. It means that if I say about the distance of 1 then I mean the smalest distance u can reach with mortar.
Bazooka aiming has three elements u must remember:
1. there's no wind - u can aim just like with mortar (or granades) by clicking or(max range is 44 then, angle 45*)
2. there's a wind blowing in the direction u want to shoot
3. there's a wind which u have to shoot against (it disturbs u)


What more can I writeSmile Use it just like mortar^^

Ad.2 & 3

Firstable u have to know how strong the wind is. In the right corner, at the bottom, of your screen there's a wind bar. It's divided into 2 parts. One means the wind blowing on the right the second one on the contrary. Maximum wind strengh possible is 80. It means that if u aim the sky with bazooka and use max power to shoot, then the missle will be "taken" by the wind at the distance of 80 (80 tiny clicks). Simple isn't it?^^

Now see some examples. Try to imagine them.

1. U want to hit a hedgehog which is 36 clicks far from u. The wind blows in the right direction with the strengh of 15. The target is at the same horizontal level as your active hedgehog. To hit it aim the sky and add 21 clicks: 36 (distance)= 15 (wind)+ 21 (clicks)

2. Distance 20. Wind 15. Target is a bit higher than your hedgehog. U have to add 1 click more: 20 (distance)= 15 (wind) + 5 clicks + 1 click ( because it's a bit higher)

3. Distance 34, wind 40. Same horizontal level. Aim the sky, turn hedgehog with its back to the target and minus 6 clicks. 34 (distance)= 40 (wind) - 6 (clicks)

4. Distance 15, wind 20. The target is a bit lower than the active hedgehog. 15 (D)= 20 (W)- 5-1

Ad.3. suplement

If the wind disturbs u blowing against your shoot then u can do two things. First is manualny corectinge the wind with apropiate number of clicks depending on the wind strengh

Distance 25, wind 28. U have to click down arrow 28 (to "defeat wind")+25 (to reach the target) times.

The second technic is aiming the angle 45* (look PS.3. in the first post). If u chose that technic, then u must remember sth. Maximum range of bazooka while the wind of 40 is 24 (aim the angle of 45*).

Distance 25, wind 40- out of range, don't bother.
Distance 25, wind 35- aim the angle of 45*. Your theoreticall range will be then 29 (24 + 5). 29 (theoreticall range)-4 (clicks upper arrow)= 25 (practice range). And u got it.

Chosing the second thechnic remember that it's risky, cause it's very probable that u fail finding the angle 45. Small mistake means the same as totall fail.

PS. Angle of 45* gives u always max range but it doesn't mean that angle 45= 45 clicks. This angle is about 64 clicks (what doesn't mean that u'll hit that far with mortar-impossible), so this technic is kinda other system in some situations...


To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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