2v2 Tournament Finals, Score Sheet

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Tiyuri did some commenting on the two matches in the 2v2 finals which were played just now.

The setup was:

nemo (Cosa Nostra) & Magik_181 (szczury) - 2
schischa (it's teh movies) & norg (Penislords) - 0

... and here goes the log Smile


and here comes nemo!
losing control of the rope a little there
going for the double kill!
sacrificing his own hog for the greater good

Tyler will have to pull something special off to turn this match around
Bam! RC plane on the field
missed the pickup there

possibly match equaliser there
time to test nemos roping skills
it looks like missing that crate with the RC plane may have cost green the match

Can Nemo wrap it up now?
Nemo building a bridge there as he's out of ropes



The red team will be looking to wrap up the tournament here
Red has the advantage with the first move
Which looks as if it's coming from Magik
Both teams are in reasonably good starting positions

Magik drops a hog with a dynamite, mine juggle

Some risky roping going on from the green team there
but he gets to his destination in the end
And a well placed firepunch drops one of nemo's hogs

lets see if Nemo can strike back now
Much more controlled Roping from Nemo
Crossing half of the map there
Reasonable damage from a dynamite + fall drops one of ... Penislords.. hogs, to 28 health

Penislords looking to get some damage on magik with dynamite here
and a well placed dynamite sends magik into the water

the greens are 3-2 up, but it looks as if magik is going to equalise here
and a static nade does the job

Tyler looks a little stuck in position here, the Red team will be looking to take advantage of that

Nemo drops a clusterbomb into a tight spot for maximum damage..
a good 85!

Penislords retorting with a nade, but Nemo's hog is well placed
and ouch! hurt himself a little there

Magik looking to equalise the match with his whip
sending Penislords' last hog away from Nemo to avoid death damage

Movies escapes from his confinement with a teleport, giving red team the turn and player advantage

Nemo saves himself from a nasty misrope with a quick parachute switchup
looking to travel the map to reach Movies but running out of time and launching an RC plane
Minimal damage from the plane there, but a mine combo drops Movies to 8 health

what a way to end the final (Movies roped into the sea)

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Since I don't see it in Demos, I'll just mention I put the two matches in here:

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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Congrats to the winners. Smile

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