Weapon and laser bug?

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This is something that I´ve noticed in the game.

When you are pointing just in front of the hedgehog, the laser is just on the middle of the gun. But, if you move the gun, the laser will "discalibrate" and will be over or under the gun crosschair. I think that this NEEDS to be corrected.

The perfect location of tha laser is a bit under the crosschair.

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It has something to do with current game mechanics and graphics. Smile

Short explanation:
Almost all weapons are shot from your hog's center - not from the weapon itself. Similar the laser is always drawn from the hog's center as well.

I know (and I think we all agree) that this looks very odd in some situations but that's the way it is right now.

I tried to correct it already but didn't manage to get it right yet. It's not that hard to do - essentially adding an offset for the weapon itself - but it still requires some testing, adjustments, etc.

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