Rope Map (Template)

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I designed a rope map, but unfortunately i'm not very good at adding textures or designing color schemes. And i'm dissatisfied with the way it looks at the moment (Current Design).

So maybe one of you would like to add some colors and borders to this map to make it look more hedgewars-a-like.

I uploaded the "template" here

Feel free to make any changes you want.

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I dont know what you want, it mustnt be hedgewars alike!
just let people download it and play with you!
the only bad thing is, that the auto-download function would never be added for some copyright reasons
the admins say that the content has to be administrated... but the most downloaders get their links out of the game... so i can share porn or copyrighted things or whatever, without administration!

please add your xfire accountname here:

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