Birthday Cake Training

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I used the lua files in the training folder to make a cake training.

It's very basic, it uses the mushrooms map and you have to destroy the targets using birthday cakes.

Since I cant be bothered to put a download link ill put the lua file stuff.

Just make a new lua file in your Data/Missions/Training folder and copy-paste this into it.

local caption = {
["en"] = "Birthday Cake Training",
["de"] = "Bazooka-Training",
["es"] = "Entrenamiento con bazuca",
["pl"] = "Trening bazooki",
["pt_PT"] = "Treino com Bazuca"
-- To add other languages, just add lines similar to the
-- existing ones - don't forget the trailing ","!

local subcaption = {
["en"] = "Cake using practice",
["de"] = "Zielübung",
["es"] = "Practica tu puntería",
["pl"] = "Potrenuj celność",
["pt_PT"] = "Pratica a tua pontaria"

local goal = {
["en"] = "Eliminate all targets before your time runs out.|You have unlimited ammo for this mission.",
["de"] = "Eliminiere alle Ziele bevor die Zeit ausläuft.|Du hast in dieser Mission unbegrenzte Munition.",
["es"] = "Destruye todos los objetivos antes de que se agote el tiempo.|La munición en esta misión es ilimitada.",
["pl"] = "Zniszcz wszystkie cele zanim upłynie czas.|W tej misji masz nieskończoną ilość amunicji.",
["pt_PT"] = "Destrói todos os alvos antes do tempo terminar.|Tens munições infinitas para esta missão."

local timeout = {
["en"] = "Oh no! Time's up! Just try again.",
["de"] = "Oh nein! Die Zeit ist um! Versuche es nochmal.",
["es"] = "¡Oh, no, se te acabó el tiempo! ¿Por qué no lo intentas de nuevo?",
["pl"] = "Ajajaj! Koniec czasu! Spróbuj jeszcze raz.",
["pt_PT"] = "Oh não! Acabou o tempo! Tenta novamente."

local success = {
["en"] = "Congratulations! You've eliminated all targets|within the allowed time frame.",
["de"] = "Gratulation! Du hast alle Ziele innerhalb der|verfügbaren Zeit ausgeschaltet.",
["es"] = "¡Felicidades! Has destruido todos los objectivos|dentro del tiempo establecido.",
["pl"] = "Gratulacje! Zniszczyłeś wszystkie cele przed upłynięciem czasu.",
["pt_PT"] = "Parabéns! Eliminaste todos os alvos|dentro do tempo limite."

local teamname = {
["en"] = "Happy Birthdayers",
["de"] = "Die Knalltüten",
["es"] = "Bazuqueros",
["pl"] = "Bazookinierzy",
["pt_PT"] = "Bazuqueiros"

local hogname = {
["en"] = "John",
["de"] = "Jäger",
["es"] = "Artillero",
["pl"] = "Strzelec",
["pt_PT"] = "Comando"

-- To handle missing texts we define a small wrapper function that
-- we'll use to retrieve text.
local function loc(text)
if text == nil then return "**missing**"
elseif text[L] == nil then return text["en"]
else return text[L]


-- This variable will hold the number of destroyed targets.
local score = 0
-- This variable represents the number of targets to destroy.
local score_goal = 8
-- This variable controls how many milliseconds/ticks we'd
-- like to wait before we end the round once all targets
-- have been destroyed.
local end_timer = 5000 -- 5000 ms = 5 s
-- This variable is set to true if the game is lost (i.e.
-- time runs out).
local game_lost = false
-- This variable will point to the hog's gear
local player = nil
-- This variable will grab the time left at the end of the round
local time_goal = 0

-- This is a custom function to make it easier to
-- spawn more targets with just one line of code
-- You may define as many custom functions as you
-- like.
function spawnTarget()
-- add a new target gear
gear = AddGear(0, 0, gtTarget, 0, 0, 0, 0)

-- move it to a random position within 0 and
-- LAND_WIDTH - the width of the map
FindPlace(gear, true, 50, LAND_WIDTH)

-- move the target to a higher vertical position
-- to ensure it's not somewhere down below
x, y = GetGearPosition(gear)
SetGearPosition(gear, x, 500)

-- This function is called before the game loads its
-- resources.
-- It's one of the predefined function names that will
-- be called by the game. They give you entry points
-- where you're able to call your own code using either
-- provided instructions or custom functions.
function onGameInit()
-- At first we have to overwrite/set some global variables
-- that define the map, the game has to load, as well as
-- other things such as the game rules to use, etc.
-- Things we don't modify here will use their default values.

-- The base number for the random number generator
Seed = 0
-- Game settings and rules
GameFlags = gfMultiWeapon + gfOneClanMode + gfSolidLand
-- The time the player has to move each round (in ms)
TurnTime = 60000
-- The frequency of crate drops
CaseFreq = 0
-- The number of mines being placed
LandAdds = 0
-- The number of explosives being placed
Explosives = 0
-- The delay between each round
Delay = 0
-- The map to be played
Map = "Mushrooms"
-- The theme to be used
Theme = "Nature"

-- Create the player team
AddTeam(loc(teamname), 14483456, "Simple", "Island", "Default")
-- And add a hog to it
player = AddHog(loc(hogname), 0, 1, "NoHat")
SetGearPosition(player, 2000, 1400);

-- This function is called when the round starts
-- it spawns the first target that has to be destroyed.
-- In addition it shows the scenario goal(s).
function onGameStart()
-- Spawn the first target.

-- Show some nice mission goals.
-- Parameters are: caption, sub caption, description,
-- extra text, icon and time to show.
-- A negative icon parameter (-n) represents the n-th weapon icon
-- A positive icon paramter (n) represents the (n+1)-th mission icon
-- A timeframe of 0 is replaced with the default time to show.
ShowMission(loc(caption), loc(subcaption), loc(goal), -amBazooka, 0);

-- This function is called every game tick.
-- Note that there are 1000 ticks within one second.
-- You shouldn't try to calculate too complicated
-- code here as this might slow down your game.
function onGameTick()
-- If time's up, set the game to be lost.
-- We actually check the time to be "1 ms" as it
-- will be at "0 ms" right at the start of the game.
if TurnTimeLeft == 1 and score < score_goal then
game_lost = true
-- ... and show a short message.
ShowMission(loc(caption), loc(subcaption), loc(timeout), -amSkip, 0);
-- How about killing our poor hog due to his poor performance?
SetHealth(player, 0);
-- Just to be sure set the goal time to 1 ms
time_goal = 1
-- If the goal is reached or we've lost ...
if score == score_goal or game_lost then
-- ... check to see if the time we'd like to
-- wait has passed and then ...
if end_timer == 0 then
-- ... end the game ...
-- ... or just lower the timer by 1.
end_timer = end_timer - 1
-- Reset the time left to stop the timer
TurnTimeLeft = time_goal

-- This function is called when the game is initialized
-- to request the available ammo and probabilities
function onAmmoStoreInit()
-- add an unlimited supply of bazooka ammo
SetAmmo(amCake, 9, 0, 0)

-- This function is called when a new gear is added.
-- We don't need it for this training, so we can
-- keep it empty.
function onGearAdd(gear)

-- This function is called before a gear is destroyed.
-- We use it to count the number of targets destroyed.
function onGearDelete(gear)
-- We're only interested in target gears.
if GetGearType(gear) == gtTarget then
-- Add one point to our score/counter
score = score + 1
-- If we haven't reached the goal ...
if score < score_goal then
-- ... spawn another target.
if not game_lost then
-- Otherwise show that the goal was accomplished
ShowMission(loc(caption), loc(subcaption), loc(success), 0, 0);
-- Also let the hogs shout "victory!"
-- Save the time left so we may keep it.
time_goal = TurnTimeLeft

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Yikes, That's a cool idea. Lua looks very confusing, but what do I know about programming, Answer, very little. Big Grin

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I tried it and it works really well! Big Grin
Only one thing - at the beginning there is an image of a bazooka.
It would be better if this was a cake.
I don't know whether that can be changed or not.

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Just replace

ShowMission(loc(caption), loc(subcaption), loc(goal), -amBazooka, 0);


ShowMission(loc(caption), loc(subcaption), loc(goal), -amCake, 0);

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Hey, i think it would be nice if you could make the hedgehog wearing a chef hat, I tried to do it but it wouldn't load.

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