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In the post few weeks a got crushed under Ubuntu's boot. Latest release along with latest updates crippled my laptop as never before. Just wondering if you guys have the same bad experience as me. Note - preferably only people with laptops/netbooks should discuss this issues. Wink Smiley I'm not looking for solutions of my problems here (for I'll wipe out Ubuntu in the next few days after I backup my data). Another opinion of mine (and not only as I see from many posts on the internet) - should Ubuntu have a longer release-cycle - not the usual 1 realease / 6 months but for example 1 release / 2 years? Omho the last release 10.4 is the worst release for me so far (playin' with Ubuntu since 6.06). Let's put it this way - I was brought back to the Stone Age. Big Grin

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Other than issues with trying to burn audio cds with rhythmbox/brasero and a ps/2 adapter on a usb keyboard causing it to freeze the keyboard and mouse and nvidia drivers not always loading correctly when it starts up it seems to work alright with me.

I thought about going back to 9.04 but it's not bothering me enough at the moment to take the time to do so.

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canonical proposes that users should use the LTS versions, which come once every two years. (as an answer to the release cycle question)

as an answer to the main one though : i use ubuntu on a fujitsu laptop since the first months of 2007 and i never had any problems (something that i can't say that is true for windows 7 and vista). the only "problem" is that the webcam's image appears upside-down on cheese. which is solved with 3 clicks (literally)

by the way, what bugs did 10.04 have on your end? it's not that i'm going to try to solve them since you don't want/care about it - just to satisfy my curiosity Smile

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Well, T@shiba has always been a b*tch when it comes to support of the a not-preinstalled-OS. Initially my laptop was with a crappy Vista Home Premium. But it sucked (though there is a stupid sticker that says "Windows Vist", my laptop is far from capable to carry this fat monkey) and 2 weeks after buying my computer, I installed XP. For more than half an year there were no drivers. At all! I had to use some experimental things from this and that site. Later experimental drivers from T@shiba appeared. Very crappy at the beginning. But later on things got better. Than I decided start dualbooting WinXP - Ubuntu 8.x (I'm actually using Ubuntu since 6.06 but before 8.x it was always in a virtual environment, which is - as I understood when dualbooting - far far from the real deal Big Grin). As expected T@shiba showed me the middle finger about that too. But at least things are going much faster in the Linux-world. Smile With version 9.10 I hit the jackpot. Only some of the Fn-keys and the bluetooth were still not working no matter how many weeks I searched on the internet for a solution). Than 10.4 popped out and many things just stopped working or started crashing. The most painful things are:
- no more wired connection for me - suddenly the damn thing stopped working at home. My network is pretty bad but nonetheless I had internet for many many months without changing a single setting in the internet and proxy preferences.
- webcam stopped working - I know that uvc is integrated into the kernel and it worked in 9.10 with the same kernel that I later used under 10.4. In 10.4 webcam got only recognized but no picture at all
- digital camera - I have a Canon PowerShot SX200 IS. In 9.10 when I plugged the USB cable to my laptop's port, Ubuntu automatically recognized it and prompted me what I want to do (use F-Spot Photo Manager or open the folder). Now the only way for me to transfer my photos and videos is with my external card reader
- same Nvidia drivers in 9.10 work as crappy as hell in 10.4. The long-gone blinking of the screen appeared again
- the biggest and most stinking problem of all is that I am UNABLE to suspend or hibernate. I even tried the hibernation and suspend scripts (think, they can be found in the repositories too). It's an incredible luck if the system manages to hibernate. One time it went so bad, that it f*cked up my GRUB and some of my dirvers (like the one for the keyboard so I wasn't able to use it Sad Smiley). I had to reinstall the whole thing just to get the same problems as described above again and again. I reinstalled 10.4 every 2-3 days. A freshly installed system with no additional software installed by me crashed and acted like crazy
- Qt Creator and Assistant take huge amount of CPU power and I have to wait 2-3 minutes for them to show up on the screen. Again - same version of these products worked swell in 9.10
- many applets (the one in the tray) crash unexpectedly for no obvious reason (I noticed this even in a live session and it was confirmed by a friend of mine)
- Scilab acts wacky sometimes. This is a program that has NEVER given me any troubles in Win or in Linux (before 10.4 that is)
- many many more concerning both hardware and software (most of which is installed along with the whole Ubuntu).

I guess one has to wait a couple of months before upgrading to a newer version in order to avoid some bugs and insanities that get fixed meanwhile. Big Grin I want to try Fedore but I fear I'll have many of the same if not more problems.


since you don't want/care about it

I do care and I do want to solve them, but I've already wasted too much time. I have other sh*t to do you know. Glasses!

@spacebison, why go from 10.4 to 9.04 and not to 9.10?

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