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I'm somewhat sorta fascinated how some different open source projects are able to put together highly usable programs such as this one. And I'm curious about what sorts of people they attract and I wanted to know what sorts of traffic this website sees in analytics of its users in like what operating system and browsers they use. I'm using Ubuntu and Firefox myself. A simple pie chart would suffice. Thanks!

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Stats for June 2010:

Windows 64.7 %
Linux 24 %
Macintosh 8.2 %
Unknown 2.5 %
BSD 0.2 %

Firefox 52.2 %
Google Chrome 15.6 %
MS Internet Explorer 9.8 %
Opera 7 %
Mozilla 5.5 %
Safari 4.5 %

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My use of w3m must be somewhere in that remaining 5.4% Smile

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Interesting. The percentage of linux users is higher than mac. w00p.

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wow. A whole lot of people are using google chrome (like me). I expected more internet explorer.

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Miphica allegedly wrote:

wow. A whole lot of people are using google chrome (like me). I expected more internet explorer.

IE is really losing share like nuts, and finally went below 50% 2 or 3 months ago I think.
Well, IE is mostly used by uninformed or not very computer-savvy users. The simple understanding of expressions like "Open Source" or "Freeware" doesn't really reach most of those people.
Most of the % of IE users is probably from people that need IE to their professional life (companies still have outdated software that only displays well on IE), are to lazy to change since that one already comes pre-installed or give another browser a try or just ended up here by searching for a Worms look-alike.

Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera are far superior to the current release of IE in (almost...?) every aspect.

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