Permission to create a Hedgewars-Website ?

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Hi everybody and Hi to the Hedgewars-Team,

I'v wanted to ask, if Im allowed to make a homepage for Hedgewars ?

I want to offer some made maps, for example things like Super Mario etc. I offer the maps, to download.

I dont make the maps bymyself, I render some stuff and put it on the map, so I think, this maps will never get into the game. (because Copyright, Non Hedgewarsstyle ...)

Thats why, I'v wanted to ask, if that project is ok for the hedgewars team ?

The url whould be:
I will delete this account, if the domain is not ok, right for you (copyright, registerd trademark ?).

Best Greetings,

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Don't think anyone on the team has any issues with that, just ensure, that ...

- ... you ask the original author of the content for his/her permission (for maps you didn't make yourself).
- ... you make sure its easy to spot that its inofficial content.
- ... you (if possible) include your own "HowTo" on how to add the maps.

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