Vehicles for team deathmatch

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Maybe there could be like a vehicle that only comes in online team deathmatch that two hogs from allied teams can get in if they are both in the general area? Like online, maybe once you get in, both players could play at once and one person drive and one person shoot.(hint hint wartHOG) It would take a lot of work, but I think some people should be able to take turns with allies at the same time, like in those vehiclesSmile

Is this possible? Suggestions? Comments? Criticisms? Flaming Hatreds?


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Eh? How would something like that fit in the game at all?
Think you should go back to play UT3 a little bit to fill you vehicle action needs. Smile

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Commando-07 allegedly wrote:
(...)both players could play at once and one person drive and one person shoot.(...)

Our engine is capable of handling only one player doing his moves at once.

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How about a vehicle were one hog drives (You can shoot a weapon from the vehicle) and you can pick up another hog on your team to ride along. Blue Cap! Red Cap!

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Maybe in a "Spin Off" game - but not in Hedgewars. It's just not possible - the game/network architecture doesn't allow two players to play at the same time and there's no real physics engine to drive some kind of car. Also the terrain might be just too small for such things.

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Welll, if you adjust your expectations...

The "car" could just be a skin around the hog, that increases the hog's speed and enables a wep.

The picking up the other hog could just be some sort of "move another hog" thing. Not sure why that'd be useful. I like Tiy's idea of replacing saucer alt weapon w/ limited fuel eating tractor beam I think for that purpose.

Dunno though, I do think it doesn't stand out enough for those limits, best to have that be some other game like you said.

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