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The new 3d water introduced in 0.9.13 looks simply great. But there is small problem: a small zone of land that is covered by the waves. It's impossible to see what's behind it. So you can only guess whether there a small pixels of land or not and you are also sometimes surprised by hidden mines. A solution for this could be a transparent BlueWater.png, but it looks a bit ugly, because you can see the edge of LandTex.png. I made a first draft for a better BlueWater.png , that is only partly transparent, so that it still covers the edge of the land texture, but makes it possible to see all of the land behind waves (which will be more important, if you can dive with ufo in 0.9.14). You can try it, if you want to: (for desert-theme)

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I think this would be a great idea! Big Grin also the UFO can dive if you make your own build of 0.9.14.

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The proposed BlueWater doesn't look bad, but it's a little weird imo, I'd rather lower the waterline a bit instead.

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