Hedgewars Mission: Kill the Jester

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With a little bit of experimentation I've created a short, single player Hedgewars mission for 0.9.13. You control a single hog and must dispatch of the opposing team's jester with a limited arsenal.
This might be easier said than done. Mine-timer is 1 sec, so be careful.

Note: Due to the half-cunning-half-retarded way I made this, the Jester is also controllable by the player. During his turn just use the Skip Hog weapon.


Bronze: Kill Jester From middle girder.
Silver: Kill Jester From the top girder, or higher.
Gold: Kill Jester From the bottom girder.
Platinum: Accomplish all of the above or show me a new, exciting way to kill Jester.

If you manage to kill Jester WITHOUT KILLING YOURSELF, lol, please upload a replay so that I can see your skills. Big Grin

edit: Aw, lame. Due to the way Hedgewars handles things you can't save replays of loaded games. PM me your method if you manage to complete, I guess.

Comments and criticism welcome.



Download the files from media fire.


In your Hedgewars maps directory (e.g. Hedgewars 0.9.13\share\hedgewars\Data\Maps), create a new folder called "New_Castle" and in it put the three files "map.png", "preview.png", and "map.cfg".


Copy "Jester.31.hws" to your Hedgewars save game directory. For Windows users this is probably something like:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.hedgewars\Saves


Load Hedgewars
Click "Local Game" (the single player menu)
Click "Load" (the disk picture)
Select "Jester"
Hit the "Load" button



Use your hog to kill Jester.
Moving Jester or using any of Jester's weapons is cheating. Thus, during Jester's turn just use the "skip turn" weapon.

GO! GO! GO! Smile

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I have to say, this idea of making "missions" for hedgewars is just AWSOME!!


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nice... haven't beaten it yet

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Hehe, thanks. There's a really easy way to do it with pickhammer.
But the other ways of doing it are quite sneaky! I found another way that lets you do it without being on any of those three girders, too. Let me know if you (or anyone you know) manages to complete it.

FadeONE, I agree! I think missions for hedgewars would be amazing. I made this little mission before I knew anything about Lua and what hedgewars could do. I think once 0.9.14 comes out we're going to see a lot more potential for really cool map-making. Anyway, now that I've familiarised myself with basic Lua I'll probably remake this map (or a better version) using scripts rather than a save game. Might take me a while tho. Looking up all those x,y co-ordinates is a huge chore.

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