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Here is a patch how you can disable ropes sounds in Hedgewars

Download soundpack here: http://www.saunalahti.fi/marikhy/Sounds.zip

and unzip these files to \Hedgewars\share\hedgewars\Data\Sounds folder. Remember to replace old files.

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I personally like the new rope sounds and don't find them so annoying... so I won't download the patch... Anyway this could be very useful for people who found them "annoying".


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i agree. i like the new rope sounds. there are background musics that i change when i install each new version so i appreciate what you are doing for others, though.

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imnotsonic. I hope you listened to the music before changing it. Several old theme songs were modified in this release.

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I personally like the new rope sounds and don't find them so annoying..

If you play Shoppa well it's a little bit annoying Smile

works fine, thanks Erkit!


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