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How to use Portal Device in battle?

As I can't start a wiki, I will write some here.

First I meant all in unlimited ammo "portal mode".

Ok, let's begin with the "tab" button, wisely use it to change the portal color, you have blue(cyan) and orange(yellow).

Example of use, speed up kiss.

First find a piece flat ground(must be horizontal flat ground) and construct a grider over it -as high as possible.

Then you can choose:

either shot the orange portal on foot of a enemy, and then shot blue on the bottom of the grider, which will bring the hog to the flat and hopefully hurt it a bit, then find more victims
--- using the orange portal!
once you are ready, shot the orange portal on the flat where enemy/enemies stood upon! hope you get it a straight vertical line to the blue one, then all hogs speeding up in between this 2! Ultra speed will bring heavy damage to them all, probably 104 for basic.

Shoting through the portal, if you saw 2 hog near water but you want yourself to be safe as possible, why not try portal? use it - even RC plane can go through it.

don't forgot you can shot portal on air! set aim on foot and jump over enemy(even if it under a valley or you jumping into a valley), which will save you great time for aiming.

another trick like you can jump down into you portal to get speed up/ use jump speed to get somewhere you can't jump to or directly portal to.

Use portal drop barrel/mine on enemy, first a barrel then a mine will kill a normal health hog.

It Works! Great, next!

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Lua change to this mode should be, set aimming time count in action time when using unlimited attacks per turn.

Allow players set the portal stop on air! for once and only time set, for example, 3-5 seconds will open the portal on air after you shot out...

Other, after using other weapon, the time you should be able to use portal~~~

It Works! Great, next!

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Thanks for helping Smile

The PROT(Fart) team FTW!

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