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There are many lame players out there, who quit after he fails. I think every one hates it, especially when you play team play, and you need to restart the game.

Yes, i can understand, when some one quits, because he has slow internet connection, but... when he makes stupid move (fails), quits after that... fffuuuuu!

Lets post quitter nicknames? To prevent playing with them.

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ehm, I think that every one does what he feels to do assuming their own responsabilities, thank God there's free will in this world (: I find useless to make a list..I mean for which purpose? but that's just my opinion


The PROT(Fart) team FTW!

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Sometimes I quit if player is very bad roper, I just hate playing shoppa with noobs but usually they quits first. Wink Smiley

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