iPad turn time issue

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Regardless of the turn time set in the game scheme (I've tried modifying the Default scheme, as well as creating a new one), I'm being given 5 seconds per turn.


Hedgewars 1.2.1
iOS 4.2.1

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Yes, that is just the "Get Ready" time. you have 5 seconds before your turn really starts. You will skip it if you do anything ( ie, open the ammo menu, move jump etc).

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There is a bug in this current release (has been found yesterday or so) and it turns out that turn time is overwritten with mines time!

there is a workaround for this bug, you need to modify the scheme and set Rnd for Mines Time (slider all way to the left); it will give you infinite turn time but at least you will be able to play.

Everything will be fixed for 1.2.2 (going to submit it as soon as itunes connected reopens)

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