[MP Map/Script] Kind of RopeRace

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This map may look like a usual roperace map but its a bit different Smile
Independent of the number of players there are two teams.
When its your turn, your hog will be swapped with the hog of the team member that played before you. So it's kind of a relay.
You will notice some barriers on the map (I'm sure you will Wink Smiley).
When you reach them, there will spawn a chest for you. Take the weapon and destroy the targets to remove the next barrier. If you're not able to do it in this turn, you will loose the weapon and the chest and all 3 targets will respawn the next turn of one your team mates.
If you hit the water you're not dead ... that would be too drastic i think. Instead you will get teleported to the last checkpoint.
If a hog is killed (weapon or kicked into water) it will respawn on the last checkpoint.
The team that finishes two rounds wins Smile

Please tell me your opinion.
Constructive criticism is welcome.
If you find bugs, write here and i'll try to fix it.

Fixed a problem with odd-numbered team size.

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes there is a invisible little wall next to the current hog so the hog appears to be stuck. Its possible to free it with the rope. I have no idea where that wall comes from. The appearance seems random so i can't fix that.
  • If someone leaves you have a problem because the teams will get mixed ... make sure noone leaves. Maybe i'll take care of that.

    Get the map

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I just played a game against myself on that map... and I won! .. oh wait...

Anyway... quite interesting map, took a few tries for someone with as bad rope-skills as me hehe.

The only "bug" I encountered, was then when I activated the sniper while sliding into a barrier.
The barrier teleported me a bit back (which is ok), but I had the sniper already deployed so couldn't move or turn... and was facing into the wrong direction.

Then I shot randomly and hit myself (7 points) as if the shot were originating from where I was originally teleported from and hitting me in the back xD

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Hey could somebody repair the link...I kind of like the idea of this map, so I want to prove it :P

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Upload again please Sad Smiley


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I didn't improve anything. Just seen this by coincidence.

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