PoisonMoan.ogg unnecessary gain (kind of a bug report)

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One issue, which bothers me a lot - too loud moan sound (when sudden death happens, all hedgehogs moan every turn).

Technically the problem, I believe, is playing sound PoisonMoan.ogg for every hedgehog. If many hedgehogs, say N, are present on a map, then PoisonMoan.ogg will be gained N times (or 3*log2(N) dB).

I'd suggest to limit maximum number of playing PoisonMoan.ogg instances to, say, 3 a time or to 1 per team (not a hedgehog), but even in this case slight delay (about 0.3ms) should be present beetween them.

P.S. thanks for a great game

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A delay would be nice, maybe? Anyone got a decent soundboard? I don't.

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