Someone PLEASE make an inkscape tutorial.

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All I get when searching this forum is "just use inkscape" when someone asks how to use a map.

Okay, I downloaded inkscape.. NOW WHAT?

I have no idea

-what size the image should be
-what template to use
-dos and donts
-what colours do I use for the land and what colours do I use for the background in order to distinguish the two?
-do I need to use layers or whatever?
-what file format do I save it as?
-how do I open it on hedgewars?

I have NO idea.
Someone help!

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Youll find some inkscape tutorials on the web, a graphical tutorial here:
The size of map is up to 4096x2048
Backgrounds have to be invisible.
Just load and edit some of the game maps in "\Hedgewars 0.9.xx\share\hedgewars\Data\Maps" (*Windows) and you will know.

please add your xfire accountname here:

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I started working on today, which will eventually answer most of your questions, Taylor.
I'll give you a heads-up when it's near completion.

Although I just noticed Thomas beat me to it, so probably you will not need to read that wiki page after all :P

Damn you Thomaaaas! Just kidding Smile

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Thanks alot guys!

One more question:

If I made a map on hedgewars using the simple map-maker and saved it as a .hwmap file, is there any way I can edit it on inkscape? Or do I need to start from scratch?

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hwmap format is just a list of points right now, like connect the dots.
It would be analogous to a path in SVG, but without the various path features.
A very basic converter could in theory be created. None has yet been made.

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