Amazon defies Apple lawsiut by opening Appstore

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The Amazon Appstore opened for business, officially, on Tuesday, March 22. The Appstore opening is in violation of a cease-and-desist order issued by Apple computer, who filed a trademark infringement lawsuit. The term "app" is currently under heavy debate. Apple claims that "App" is like "Kleenex" - a business-specific name that other businesses cannot use and is suing Amazon for using it. Microsoft is suing Apple, claiming that "App" is a generic term like "tissue" and should be usable. Source for this article - Amazon defies Apple lawsuit by opening Appstore by MoneyBlogNewz.

More individuals purchasing from new Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore, a store for Android applications, opened on Tuesday morning. About 3,200 applications for Android based systems for instance phones and tablet computers are accessible in the store. The Amazon Appstore also offers most applications already accessible on the Android Marketplace, also as a few exclusive applications. Most applications on the Amazon Appstore price between 99 cents and $4.99. Amazon chooses the cost of the program however listens to what the developer has to say about it unlike the Android Marketplace where the developer sets the price of their program.

Amazon sued for Appstore by Apple

Apple filed a lawsuit on trademark against Amazon right before the Appstore opened. The allegation of the lawsuit is that Amazon is violating Apple's brand of "App Store." Initially, “unspecified damages” were being requested. This is what the lawsuit said. Amazon evidently ignored the cease-and-desist order by opening the Appstore anyway. The “App Store” trademark is in another lawsuit too. Apple Computers is being used by Microsoft as the terms “App” and “App Store” cannot be trademarked due to how generic they are. The lawsuits will take much longer than anyone could hope. It could be years before anything is decided.

consumers pay for Appstore lawsuit

The federal trademark infringement legal cases currently pending are anticipated to take years. Taxpayers pay for the courts that will do these federal lawsuits while the “court costs” charges may have to be paid. The cost of the businesses ends up going up with the “hidden” cost of the lawsuit, which consumers end up paying. There is a very low likelihood the app costs will go up. Typically, developers are willing to do apps either for free or for hardly anything. Many developers just want to get subscriptions or followers from what they are doing. The “App Store” lawsuit might turn out to be a large issue for these producers.

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Dailytech Slams Amazon With Lawsuit Claiming Its Android Appstore Infringes/article21188.html


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