Sound voices the 26 unused's.

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Sound voices the 26 unused's.

Amazing.ogg - Unused
Boring.ogg - When the leaves turn a hedgehog.
Brilliant.ogg - Unused
Bugger.ogg - Unused
Bungee.ogg - Unused
Byebye.ogg - When the hedgehog has 0 life.
Comeonthen.ogg - When the waiting 2 seconds.
Coward.ogg - Once during your turn do not you give a shot.
Cutitout.ogg - Unused
Drat.ogg - Unused
Enemydown.ogg - When you kill a hedgehog.
Excellent.ogg - Unused
Fire.ogg - Unused
Firepunch(1-6).ogg - When you use Fire Punch.
Firstblood.ogg - Pronounced when someone is gonna get the first time damage.
Flawless.ogg - Unused
Gonnagetyou.ogg - Unused
Grenade.ogg - Unused
Hello.ogg - Unused
Hmm.ogg - Unused
Hurry.ogg - When the little time left turn 5.
Illgetyou.ogg - When you hit someone start turn.
Incoming.ogg - During the raid an airstrike.
Jump(1-3).ogg - Jumping.
Justyouwait.ogg - Unused
Kamikaze.ogg - As the name suggests use Kamikaze.
Laugh.ogg - How do I substitute the face, dynamite, pie, etc.
Leavemealone.ogg - Unused
Melon.ogg - After the launch, where you throw Melon.
Missed.ogg - How do you miss the arrow.
Nooo.ogg - Flee hedgehog weapons.
Nutter.ogg - How do you find your hedgehog traitor.
Ohdear.ogg - Unused
Ooff(1-3).ogg - If you fall from beneath.
Oops.ogg - Hedgehog himself to run weapons.
Ouch.ogg - Unused
Ow(1-4).ogg - When you fall from a height.
Perfect.ogg - Unused
Reinforcements.ogg - When the box drops.
Revenge.ogg - Unused
Runaway.ogg - Unused
Sameteam.ogg - How instrumental hedgehog from his team.
Solong.ogg - Unused
Stupid.ogg - As has been instrumental in himself.
Takecover.ogg - When you throw a grenade, etc.
Thisoneismine.ogg - Unused
Traitor.ogg - How instrumental hedgehog from his team.
Uh-oh.ogg - Flee hedgehog weapons.
Victory.ogg - Unused
Watchit.ogg - When the instrumental member of his team.
Watchthis.ogg - Unused
Whatthe.ogg - Unused
Whoopsee.ogg - Unused
Yessir.ogg - When it is your start turn.
Youllregretthat.ogg - When you gonna get damage inflicted.

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Flawless.ogg - Used in 0.9.16
Hello.ogg - Used in frontend
Victory.ogg - Used in 0.9.16

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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thanks for pointing them out, we removed them from default installation and from ios

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I don't think we should remove them, instead how about we use them in game!

We could have Gonnagetyou.ogg and Justyouwait.ogg be used along with youllregretthat.ogg.

And ohdear.ogg and Solong.ogg can be used for dying along with Byebye.ogg.

and grenade.ogg and Runaway.ogg and Whatthe.ogg can be used with nooo.ogg and uh-oh.ogg

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