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Ok, so I've talked to some of you about a fan-page website. I have it almost completed so I thought I would post and see what you guys thought.

Its main function is to provide an all-in-one place to come and download community maps. No more searching endless amounts of pages to find the maps you want. Right now there are only a few maps in the section...but more to come hopefully! Smile

Since there already is a site dedicated to shoppa maps (unit22.org/hh) I have linked to it instead of posting the same maps.

If you have a map in the forums section email me the link to it via the contact form on the site.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this! Please respond Smile

Here is the site ----> http://hedgemaps.weebly.com <----

Yes i know .weebly.com is not what I wanted but until I get around to buying a domain (hopefully soon if I get enough people interested in the site) it will have to be this way Sad Smiley

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What's wrong with these forums? It has a search feature, you know. You probably don't want to hear it, but I think creating another resource database will only make it harder to maintain a centralized community. I don't see the point.

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Easy, the forums are not a good central repository for downloadable content. I haven't been a member of many communities where they were the only method. A coherent web site with summary descriptions and a rating system would be ideal; a wiki would be workable; but forums, that's just ugly.

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There already is one. Maybe it's simple in looks but it carries out it's job well > http://davidy.no-ip.org/hw/

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Thanks for telling me your thoughts. My queston is, has anybody used it or downloaded anything off the site? Just curious Smile

@Ace Yes there is a forum to post that kind of stuff...but to find good ones without wading through pages is almost impossible, even with the search feature in my opinion.

@Magik I had no idea about that site...

Im gonna keep the site up, but since theres really no interest im probably not gonna upgrade to my own domain...why pay money if nobody cares? What im trying to say is, if you want the site please say it. Im not sure what to do really Sad Smiley

I will continue to update it though.

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I actually think it's a fine idea. Sometimes I may want a new map and I have to go searching through the forums for a while, this makes it faster and easier. Wink Smiley

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UPDATED The link is now hedgemaps.com !!!! I finally updated to my own domain!! Smile

Thanks Star and Moon!

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