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I was wondering if maps can be submitted to the HW community to be inserted into the 'Downloadable Content' page which can be easily accessed from HW 0.9.16.
My maps are the ones found in the 'Unofficial Add-ons' page (see here: http://hedgewars.org/node/2833)... it'd be great to have them as official add-ons maps!

Then... since the unofficial add-ons page is now outdated, I think that if the maps are made downloadable content I can simply delete that page.

What do you think? Is everything I wrote here possibile?

Downloadable Content Pack ZIP download: http://www.mediafire.com/?272xa7xg563u6q4

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Yes, it's possible... you should hop onto IRC and bug nemo, he was looking for some content packs to add.

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