NEW SHOPPA - "Drill Shoppa" - Includes an interesting glitch / video.

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~ Drill Shoppa ~

First of all, let me just say a few things. Please read through this entirely. Secondly, know that the video posted is unedited, and a very mediocre representation of this new Shoppa. In the future, I will make a video that highlights the more interesting tricks, and that is much more entertaining to watch.

About 7 months ago, when I played regularly, I discovered that the Drill weapon could be integrated into Shoppa. When I joined back a month ago, I decided to try and expand on what I had learned, and make something useful out of it.

The new Shoppa I have created, entitled "Drill Shoppa", uses an alternating weapon set of the rope and drill, with an unlimited amount of attacks so that one can use the drill as many times as possible without having to go to the next turn.

In basic terms, while flying in the air on an UPWARD incline, one switches to the drill and uses it, soas to get an extra "boost". This "boost" can be seen in the video.

Furthermore, the drill is also useful for buffering falls - the millisecond before hitting the ground, you can switch to the drill and use it very quickly to ensure a safe landing.

You may be asking , "why?", and there is a simple answer to this question. This new style of Shoppa is just more fun than regular Shoppa. The integration of this new tool allows for more innovative possibilities, such as the glitch I have discovered (which basically entails passing through the border of a bordered map), the "bounce" effect described above, buffering falls, and wall-stops (pulling out your drill while projecting toward a wall to stick to the wall).

In the video below, you will see me and a friend who I have just introduced the idea to. He is green, and I am purple. I apologize for the terrible quality and size of the video. It is a long video, but watch for such things as the "bounce" as well as the glitch.

It takes a while to get the hang of it, but it is actually really fun. And for those about to call it stupid, try it out, and I'm sure you will change your mind.

0:25 for a basic idea of what "drill shoppa" is.
1:30 for the glitch.

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Funny idea, great

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