Cluster bombs dont spread

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Hi folks,
is there a way to modify a cluster bomb in that way, that the clusters are spread wider? Same with mortar. The pieces hit the ground on almost the same place, so it is not really like an artillery. In Worms2 it was possible to change this behavior in the weapon set editor.

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The Worms 2 weapon editor was the best. You could alter so much and get so much fun from that Smile.

In various schemes both joking and serious I had:

I had a Uzi with bullet impacts the size of Holy Hand-grenades.
Melee attacks that were uber-effective.
Super Banana Bombs with epic amounts of clusters.

I hope Hedgewars emulates and expands on that Big Grin

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I suddenly want worms 2. Shocking

Nah, I'm kidding... But spreading the clusters out on the cluster bomb i guess would be very efficient, but it should stay the same on mortar.

A weapon modifier would probably be hard to implement. But what am I to say? Let the devs decide. Wink Smiley

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In .17 I actually made clusters impact each other, so they'd kick each other away.
But it made it impossible to use to attack people under bridges which is main use of mortar, so now it happens only for grenade/bazooka/melon pieces/ballgun

If you want to control spread though, just make a very simple two or three line script that adjusts dX/dY or whatever you like onGearAdd where the gear type is gtCluster.

The game can be played normally apart from that.

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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Hmm, maybe i am different, but i thought that the main use of clusterbombs and mortar are to attack not a point on the map but an area (with a smaller damage, cause clusters make small damage). this is very useful when there are many hogs close together or, more important, if you are not a very experienced player, like me Smile

but the way it is at the moment allows an experienced user to make a bulk of damage to a single hedgehog while for a newby it is hardly possible to make any damage with it. its not very balanced...

please understand me, one of the biggest advantages of hedgewars over other games is, that its possible to play with people of different experience and everybody had fun.

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