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I'd like to suggest a script to be added to the downloadable content page. It's called random weapons and equipment. It's similar to the random weapons script, except that you get a random weapon, a random "transport type" object, and a random piece of equipment.

There are several other additions, including:

- Random Strike (drop random items)
- Random Object (throwable)
- Egg (throwable)
- Barrel (throwable)

It can be downloaded here:

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1. Put it in General Open Topic
2. Get feedback
3. Improve
4. GOTO 2
5. Poke nemo or another dev in irc (irc://
6. Ask for it to be added to dlc
7. Get Feedback
8. Improve
9. GOTO 7
10. If it's any good, it'll be included in the next release

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