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I'd like to suggest a script to be added to the downloadable content page. It's called random weapons and equipment. It's similar to the random weapons script, except that you get a random weapon, a random "transport type" object, and a random piece of equipment.

There are several other additions, including:

- Random Strike (drops random items)
- Random Object (throwable)
- Egg (throwable)
- Barrel (throwable)

It can be downloaded here:

(If it makes any difference, I'm a previous contributor Big Grin)

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Really good job!
I think the kids will love this

Im a little confused over which type of airstrike i have, and the same with the grenade. I have looked throw the script and i find some jokes inappropriate like "(...) Aids", "Fagballs", "FU KURT!". They may be funny if you have seen the corresponding movie, but some havent. I recommend you to change them.

However, its a really good script!

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Don't look at my SCRIPT! Smile the script is used daily by me and a team of software developers when we play. The public = true/false setting keeps all of the inappropriate content off (along with some pretty ridiculous weapons that should not be released). I can, of course, remove all of the unused code for its public release.

The "Random Strike" is meant to be unknown. It may be one of: grenades, poison, drill rockets, eggs, molotovs, balls (ballgun), mines, sticky mines ,flames, mudballs, gas bombs, health packs, or a random mixup of all of them.

Since I do not expect people to install the script and invest hours of their precious time discovering the depth, complexity, and perfection of this script; I will put together a small video demonstrating some if its features in the days to come.

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I think this script is a very cool application with scripting, I like most of the weps. Some caveats:

The action with clusters can get very confusing because everything is happening so fast. I suggest modifying the weps in strikes to be:

local strikes = {
	gtEgg, gtBall, gtClusterBomb, gtMolotov,
	gtSMine, gtShell, gtFlame,
	gtGasBomb, gtDrill, gtMine, 88888

gtPoisonCloud got the cut mainly because I had an airstrike with it. Not very fun... gtBomb got the cut because it was exploding too fast to recognize what was happening; it also explded too early in airstrike. gtSnowball was cut because it's no fun to have an airstrike, and all you get is a mudball. This way, the action would be slower, and more understandable, while not sacrificing the cool randomness. Alternatively, you could have two lists for each, looking like:

local strikes = {
	gtEgg, gtBall, gtMolotov,
	gtPoisonCloud, gtSMine, gtShell,
	gtGasBomb, gtDrill, gtMine, 88888

local clusters = {
	gtEgg, gtBall, gtClusterBomb, gtMolotov,
	gtPoisonCloud, gtSMine, gtShell, gtFlame,  --What if you made gtFlame multiply?
	gtGasBomb, gtDrill, gtMine

Second, the bit of code that shows your weps, only shows for one tick. Maybe you could move it from onGameTick to onNewTurn. On fact, this whole bit should be moved to onNewTurn:

if time_since_turn == 1 then
		-- play awsome sound on awsome weapon
		if weapons[new_weapon] == amWatermelon or weapons[new_weapon] == amHellishBomb or weapons_text[new_weapon] == "Ballgun" then
		-- show the mission details
		if public_version then
			ShowMission(game_title,weapons_text[new_weapon].." + "..gears_text[new_gear].." + "..transports_text[new_transport],"",-weapons[new_weapon],2)
			ShowMission(game_title,weapons_text[new_weapon].." + "..gears_text[new_gear].." + "..transports_text[new_transport],"         "..snark,-weapons[new_weapon],2)

Re: the snarky bits. I actually like the private version better than the public one, because of the weps. Maybe you could change it so that it was a "snarky" option that switched to the snarky comments, but both versions had the cool weps that are currently only in the private version.

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