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I'm planning to extend the server with some stats collecting system. Every game on the official server would be recorded, and a page for each replay would be created with stats about players, weapons used etc.

Additionally there would be statistics that span all games and give us information of how often weapons are used, and how effectively they are used, what game flags are used, …

By selecting certain "qualified" games, there can also be an Elo-like(!) rating and ranking system, such as RTS games like Spring/Zero-k use (see for example ). I know that plain Elo doesn't make sense for changing teams, but there are modifications that make it feasible. This would allow a competitive gameplay for these certain selected games. If not everyone wants such a thing maybe one could open a new room with a "ranking-enabled" flag, that specifices if the game counts towards the players rating.

Achievements will also be possible, by collecting XP in various ways and unlocking certain stuff with it (new hats, etc.).

I made this posting so we can discuss some details, what statistics you would like to have and what possible achievements would be.

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Hello burp , the ranking system you mean in all scheme? (:
I was thinking of Speed Meter of Hedgewars , miliseconds : milimeters . What's your oponion? Thanks.

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I think achievements that promote diversity in gameplay and just for doing quirky stuff are better then "get 3.5*10^13 xp". Especially ones that include combination of weapons/utilities. Also, could include achievements from mikades engine abuse scripts. :P

Also, no negative stats.

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I'd definitely support achievements, and perhaps some cosmetic unlockables. I would try avoid anything that encourages rank-whoring, though.
Food for thought.

edit: And yea, as Henek points out, a hook for unlocking achievements / editing stats via lua would be great, too.

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