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These are my first graphics for HW community Robin Hood!

Feel free to test and comment Big Grin

Map&Theme (more DLC on:

EDITED: Now the latest version (3.0) is linked above.

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mm i like the design and style of the map, but i find some problems to play it, you think you could make another with the same style but followin a bit more the "Default Shoppa maps rules"? i would like to play it more, and its a nice map but hard to play properly! nice job anyway Big Grin

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hey i had the same idea, i didn't finish the map

in your map/theme i just wonder why this chinese/japanese etc... symbole ?

also you can look digital ropes :

i give this to you to give you more idea for improve your theme and map

the nice thing in your theme is the flake.png Wink Smiley

and i think when bufon speak of "default shoppa maps rules" he mean :
" i noticed some tips for a good shoppa map :
- bar for slide, the space between them is approximativ
- differents objectin which to hang on ( circle most of times, can be slide bar, triangle....)
- space for "fly" : when too much space and not enough's not very pleasant to play
-water : to push hog and kill them
-Good Graphism

i play your map, i think its good to play Smile

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bufon allegedly wrote:

Thank you very much for your opinion.
Well, as I already wrote in my map description on unit22 I am aware of the fact that there is almost none of hrizontal surfaces to slide on. There is also not enough free space to fly long distances fast. These things make my map a bit harder to play but the main thing I was inspired by when creating this map was to show exactly the matrix digital rain Love Eyes! This is like I imagined my map at first and I didn't want to change my point of view - it was my INSPIRATION Punch!
I hoped someone will like my map though just as it is, because I think sometimes is good to have a little diiferent map to play anyway Wink Smiley

To be honest I put more my work to my MatriX theme and now I am working on the other one, which will be designed for random generated map too Smile
After that I will think about some new shoppa map Big Grin
I am in a good mood to make this stuff %)
Btw, if you generally like it, please rate it on unit22 Cake

Thanks again and I hope we meet to play in june Big Grin

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sphrix allegedly wrote:

I was wondering if anyone thought about making MatriX-styled graphics before me, and now I see you did Smile
Your map still can be finished anyway - it looks good Wink Smiley
My one is not nevertheless the same.

As to the digital ropes it has a bit old-styled graphics in my opinion. I prefer making it in higher quality.
When it comes to those oriental symbols I found it fit in the whole composition better than only numbers Straw Hat with Eyes!
Well, because of reasons I mentioned in my previous reply I am not interested in changing this map.
I would rather make a new one considering all community sugestions for creating shoppa maps
(which I was absolutely aware of all along) Big Grin

At the and I am glad you like my map and I feel motivated to do some more in the future Sunglasses!

I will be even more happy if you could rate my map on Health Pickup

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