sounding : how you discovered hedgewars and what mode do you use to play

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so as the title explain :

how do you discoverd hedgewars ? friends, surfing the web etc...
and what gameplay do you use to play ? highlander, shoppa, other ?

feel free to give a complete answer :p

for my part i was searching a free worms, now i don't want worms anymore, hedgewars is better :p
and i use to play Shoppa, i first play default, but saw good shoppa player doing skills so i try shoppa... i also try to play other mode as space invasion, tumbler, thinking with portal

the beachs hogs surfin hedgewars

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I discovered Hedgewars first by wondering across the site, never tried it, forgot about it. Of course, then a friend mentioned it in passing Smile

I always liked Worms, mainly Worms 2, as a kid. Unfortantely the things I liked best about Worms 2 in being able to draw maps, alter game settings and modify weapons seem much thinner on the ground in any of its sequels. That isn't their focus - too fiddly for consoles so why add that functionality for the PC?

I still fondly remember winding up with a Minigun with bullet impacts the size of Holy Hand Grenades after messing with the weapon settings.

Hedgewars allows for as much customisation - far more really - and I see that as its strength.

As you can guess - I love customisation so I usually just quickly throw some game options stuff together depending on what I feel like.

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Somebody (probably my dad) installed it on a linux laptop, about 3 years ago, and when I saw one of my brothers playing, I asked him what it was, he told me it was Hedgewars and let me try it out, I instantly fell in love with it.

Despite the fact that Hedgewars is really good, after I found out about it, I still ended playing and buying more Worms games.

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I found hedgewars on I normally play both default and highlander. I do some shoppa as well, but I'm not too good.

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I was looking through the free apps on itunes while procrastinating my book report and found it. At first I refused to play anything but random. After a while I started trophy racing and playing collective random. Then after a long long time I fell in love with shoppa. I loved highlander the moment it came out. I've always hated default and I refuse to play CTF.

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I found it on a list of free Linux games (Don't remember which one by now). I had never tried worms, though I had heard of it.

My first mode was, of course, default. I played that for a while until I got into crazy mode and then into customized crazy modes. One of those customization was adding infinite rope, so there I started using the rope more until I arrived to Shoppa, were I stayed Big Grin

I also play highlander often because I love the strategy involved. Sometimes I still go back to playing customized crazy modes. One of which is my Shoppa Inferno scheme, which is shoppa with lots of barrels and mines, vampirism, extra damage, etc. Also, I've recently borrows Dan and Zygmu's idea of including a quick sudden death with high levels of water rise, to make the game more "terror", xD.

I only try not to die when I kill

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