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Hi guys,

I've been playing worms Armageddon for about 6 years now, and I must say that my roping is way above average, I pretty much win all Rope Races, and I'm good at Shopper too, but is this game similair? I mean the concept is obviously the same as Worms, but I watched some videos and the Roping is a bit different, It looks like a fun game but I would like to know if somebody that has played Worms for 6+ years has an advantage when starting to play this.



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I haven't played worms in a long time, and I certainly wasn't familiar with the roping... but I suspect you're not going to get an answer, so I suggest you just try it out and see.

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Well, being a wormer myself, and wanting to prove clay wrong, I'll give you a small overview about the differences in roping.

In hedgewars, the rope is always shot in the direction in which the hog is moving, unlike worms, where it depends on which direction the rope was pointing when releasing the rope, so shadow/spike and all the other fancy moves of worms will be useless here. Wink Smiley

In hedgewars, you can see the cross heir, and actively change the angle at which you shoot the rope, while roping, where as in worms you cannot.

In hedgewars, you gain most of your speed while roping by pushing your hog over flat surfaces with the rope (sorry, I'm not quite sure how to explain it), which doesn't work in worms, and the methods of gaining speed in worms don't work as well in hedgewars.

In hedgewars, the rope, when shot, only extends as long as you hold down the space bar, and when you let go it disappears (though obviously when the rope is attached to something it remains attached until the space bar is pressed again), unlike in worms where the rope always extends to it's full length, regardless if the space bar is simply tapped or held down. This means that the finger roll does not work in hedgewars.

Those are the largest differences that come to mind right now, though really the whole feel of roping is very different in the two games. Which style you prefer is really a matter of taste, though I (for obvious reasons Wink Smiley ) will refrain from mentioning which I prefer. As to whether or not a wormer will be at an advantage when starting to rope in hedgewars, I can't say.
Anyway, I hope I could help you out, though as clay said, you might as well try things out for yourself, and you could always come online and find other shoppa players who could maybe 'show you the ropes'.

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I came from a wurms background and the roping in there definitely helped me learn to rope in Hedgewars. For basic movement and gameplay (there is a tall object, I want to get over it), I had no trouble, whereas you will often see completely new players who can not climb over terrain at all.

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