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Here I publish version 2 of the map and theme "Farm".

Theme screenshot:

Map screenshot:

Theme “Farm_v2”: http://hh.unit22.org/addons/Theme/Farm_v2/
Map “Farm_v2”: http://hh.unit22.org/addons/Map/Farm_v2/

The map and theme are called “Farm_v2” in-game. To install, simply drop these files into the “Data” directory of the Hedgewars data directory.

WarMUX maps conversion project
This theme and map is part of the WarMUX maps conversion project. The map is taken from WarMUX and has been polished to work well in Hedgewars, too. The original map author is WarMUX user yeKcim <yekcim@crocobox.org>. Additionally, I also used the map graphics create the Farm theme as well. This particular conversion was a lot of work compared to the other maps of the project.

Technical blabla (you can safely ignore this)
Versions prior to 1 had its version number appended to it. Beginning from version 1, the name is now simply “Farm”.

Due to different map formats, these are the differences of this version and the WarMUX map:

  • four background layers: front mountains, back mountains, clouds, and sun with sky
  • clouds are part of the background
  • sunbeams are visible all over the map
  • uses the sucky default WarMUX background music
  • two background layers: front mountains, back mountains combined with sun with sky
  • the clouds which were a background layer in WarMUX are … well … clouds (Clouds.png) now!
  • Sheep.ogg is the background music

If you ask yourself “Wow! What is the difference betweeen the map and the theme?” then the answer is: Fences! If you look closely you will notice that a fence object in the theme never connects two pieces of land like on the map. It is not possible in Hedgewars to place an object where it is required that two squares are in terrain (and not just only one). Therefore it is not possible to place a fence like they are placed on the map. With a trick I was able to still place a fence but it has to stand fully on the ground. In the theme a fence object will never connect two pieces of land; fence-like girders do this job instead.


  • 1 → 2: fixed mask.png of map, version number added again, use HWP format for easy installation, split into theme and map
  • 0.3 → 1: PNG files compressed by bender, version number removed from name
  • 0.2 → 0.3: Map now uses a mask
  • 0.1 → 0.2: Animal’s legs don’t flow anymore. Fences and girders have a ~1px outline which (hopefully) makes a better contrast to the background.
  • 0.1: initial release

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I like that!
And your WarMUX Projekt too. Wink Smiley

One comment to the Farm theme: The girder needs an outline, grey on blue backround is hard to see.
And the forelegs of the animals often hover in the air. But that's just a little something.

WarMUX Maps: I think it's more important to create new themes than maps. As far as i can see are there shoppa-player only who play on maps. All other users: about 90% use a random map, i would say.
Maybe you can put the elements of the maps and make a theme of them like in this case.
Big Grin

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I have released version 0.2 of the Farm theme and map.

Thanks, Luelle for your comments. I have adressed your concerns.

Animal legs do not "float" anymore and girders and fences have now a around 1 pixel outline which improves the contrast. Hopefully.

Please note that version 0.2 is imcompatible with version 0.1.
Most likely all versions of the 0.something branch will be incompatible to each other.

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Please use a version number with theme/map names. Thanks.

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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Version 2 released!


  • Use HWP format for easy install
  • Split files theme and map. This means you can install the theme as stand-alone but the map still depends on the map
  • Changed in-game name to “Farm_v2”
  • mask.png fixed (thanks, nemo) (see here for an explanation)

Here you can download the files:

Farm theme (v2):

Farm map (v2) (recommeonds Farm theme v2):

To install, just drop the files into the “Data” directory found in your Hedgewars data directory ($HOME/.hedgewars under GNU/Linux).

You will find both map and theme under the name “Farm_v2” in the game.

EDIT: Actually, you can use the farm map with any theme you want, you do not require to have the farm theme. Just make sure you select a different theme in the menu then. But the farm theme s the recommended theme because it looks better. Wink Smiley

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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