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Some memes never get old …
This is version 0.1 of the theme “Pop-Tart”.

Normal mode:

big screenshot

Sudden Death mode:

big screenshot

So the landscape represents a giant pop-tart. And because you can’t say “pop-tart” anymore without saying “cat” and “nyan” this theme of course features Nyan Cat as well. Well, sort of. To be more precise, it features the different body parts of Nyan Cat which are placed at awkward positions on the big pop-tart. Of course the theme includes its own background music, a nice non-annoying guitar cover of the Nyan Cat song.
There are objects and flakes which seem to be non-related but they are. They are in fact refering to one particular Nyan Cat related thing. Cookies for the first one to tell which thing I mean.

uncompresseded file size: 2.0 MiB

Any reviews, comments and stuff are highly appreciated. Thanks. Smile

The graphics an the configuration are my creation. And yes, this is my very first fully self-drawn theme (the other themes were technyacally just copies). I am not a very good drawer. Yet.
The background music is Cardimine’s creation.

Known problems

Technyacal stuff
Technyacally, the current correct name of the theme is “Pop-Tart0.1” to avoid name clashes with future versions, but for simplicity’s sake, I will always refer to it as “Pop-Tart”.

The Pop-Tart folder contains a folder named “unused” where old shitty images can be found that I used previously but now refuse to do so. Maybe I remove this folder in v1.0.

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OK. This theme has potential, in the way into you change the form of the objects (Vector graphics). In the way you change the shape of the objects, they look like that had been drawn by Paint. You should use inskape to draw them..



I hope you undestand my point. Good luck! (More suggestion in the furure)

Also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics

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You are right. I probably should have started using vector graphics in the first place.

I used the GIMP, not Paint. If I had drawn the images with Paint, the images would be even worse.

I also do not like the face myself. So I totally understand your point. If I make an update to this theme, the face is most likely the first image to be vectorized.

Thanks for your comment.

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