Chat commands

In the chat, you can enter chat commands to perform some advanced tasks.


The most important chat command is “/help”. Just type in this text into the chat to get a listing of all the available chat commands.

Command Action
/help Displays chat command help

Note that there are different chat commands depending on whether you are in the game, a room or in the server lobby.

The rest of this page basically just repeats what /help tells you anyway, just more nicely formatted.


These are a separate set of commands to a conveniently torment your opponent after a successful hit!
Command Animation


You can make hedgehogs say what you want! If you enclose you message with the following symbols, you'll get a nice cartoon bubble effect. Try it out for maximum hilarity!
Character Syntax Type
" "TEXT" Normal speech bubble
' 'TEXT' Thinking bubble
- -TEXT- Screaming bubble

Advanced bubbles

As soon you entered one of the 3 “magic” characters, all your hedgehogs will have a number overlayed and one of them is enclosed in a circle. The circle shows which hedgehog will say the text when you hit enter. The number is the position number in the team.

Normally, the entered text will be spoken by your current hedgehog (if it's your turn) or by the hedgehog which will play next in your team (if it's not your turn).

But you can control precisely which of your hedgehogs will speak by starting the “TEXT” with a number between 1 and 8. Number 1 will make hedgehog 1 talk, number 2 will make hedgehog 2 talk, and so on.

Example image showing the targeted hog speak in action


You type inYour hog saysWho says it?
"Hello!" Hello! Your current hedgehog
-Why do you hate me?!- Why do you hate me?! Your current hedgehog
"3I am the third hedgehog." I am the third hedgehog. Hedgehog 3

Advanced in-game commands

Once you've got your chat prompt, you use a complete set of commands that interact with the game or with the gameplay. These commands only work in the game itself, not in the lobby or rooms. You can also use up and down arrows to navigate through the last messages you sent.
Command Effect
/me TEXT Sends a message of the form “* USER is laughing”
/clan TEXT Send a message to players belonging to your clan only
/hsa TEXT Let your hog say something on next attack
/hya TEXT Let your hog scream something on next attack
/hta TEXT Let your hog think something on next attack
/fullscreen Switch between fullscreen/windowed mode
/history Show whole chat history; type again to disable
/togglechat Toggle displaying the chat (no effect if /history is active)
/pause Pause/unpause the game
/quit Leave the game
/lua Turn the chat input field into a Lua console, enter it again to turn it off (not available in online games. Also, demos and videos won't work if this command was used)

General lobby/room commands

This is a list of chat commands available in the lobby and rooms. They can be used by everyone.

/watch REPLAY Watch a replay on the official server. Find a list of replay IDs on Records. You can only watch replays of the same Hedgewars version, other versions may not work.
/me TEXT Same as for the in-game command
/rnd Server flips a virtual coin and responds with “tails” or “heads”
/rnd A B C Server takes a random word from the word list (can be as long you wish) and puts it into chat
/info PLAYER Shows some infos about the player (who must be online)
/clear Clear chat log

Room commands

Room commands only work inside a room, while you're the room host. Some of them might also work in-game.

/greeting TEXT Sets the greeting text of a room; joiners will see this text
/delegate PLAYER Surrender control over your room to another player
/maxteams N Sets the maximum number of teams (2-8)


A simple voting mechanism is available in all rooms. Everyone can use the command /callvote TYPE which will start a new vote and automatically gives your “yes” to your own vote. Other players can then use /vote yes or /vote no to accept or reject a vote. A vote succeeds if more than 50% of all players in the room gave their “yes”, in which case the action is immediately performed.

Chat command syntaxEffect
/callvote hedgehogs N Start a vote to set the number of hedgehogs (1-8) in all teams
/callvote pause Start a vote to pause or unpause active game
/callvote newseed Start a vote to choose a random seed for the next game
/callvote map MAPNAME Start a vote to select the specified map. Only works in designated rooms, the server operator must first manually add some maps for voting
/vote yes Vote “yes” for the active vote
/vote no Vote “no” for the active vote
/callvote Shows you a list of available vote types
/callvote map Shows you a list of maps you can vote for. This may be empty

Server administration

For commands available to server administrators, see Server administration.

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