Every player can send text messages in the game via chat. Chat also has a couple of special features like chat commands.


In the lobby or in a room, just type in text in the corresponding text box and hit enter.

In the game, press the chat/message key, type in the message and hit enter. You can change the chat key in your controls settings.

Default in-game chat key bindings

Key Name Effect
T Message Send a message to all players
Y Clan message Send a message to your clan only
` History Show the last chat messages

Special keys in chat

While you're typing in chat text, there's a couple of additional special keys you can press:

Key Effect
Up Go back in chat history
Down Go forwards in chat history
Shift + Left/Right Mark text
Ctrl + A Mark all text
Ctrl + C Copy marked text
Ctrl + X Cut marked text
Ctrl + P Paste marked text

Chat commands

These are special commands to trigger some silly hedgehog animations, let your hogs say something in speech bubbles and use a couple of more technical features. See Chat commands.

Player icons

In the lobby and in rooms, player icons are shown in the player list. Read Player chat icons to learn what they mean.

Ignore list

If a player annoys you, you can put them on the ignore list. Just rightclick their name in the lobby or inside a room and click “Ignore”.

From ignored players you will no longer receive chat messages. Also, ignored players will automatically get kicked when they try to enter a room you host.

Players won't get a notification when you add or remove them from the ignore list.

Friend list

You can put players on a friend list in a similar way. This simply highlights their name in chat and in the player list.

Likewise, the player won't get a notification for adding or removing them on the friends list.

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