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Ahoy everyone!

Ads? Yes, add some to the site. The developers team can use the money from ads to improve Hedgewars. The *product promoters* (spammers) will find this is the best way to advertise their products. Thus, it will lower the spam messages. Easy, right?

I think there are many company out there ready to pay money to advertise here. What's on your mind now? \o/

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As if the spamvertisements on this forum weren’t enougn already …

It is naive to believe the spam bots would disappear by selling ad space instead. Why should you (imagine you are now an evil company boss now who wants to torture the world with ads) pay for advertisements if you can get it for practically free by running your spambots instead?
By starting “legit” ads, would just have forum spam and “legit” advertisments and broken CAPTCHAs.

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