Please be a little bit more patient when entering a room!

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Rant begins.

Seriously, this happened to me too often now and now it pissed me off enough to make me write this little rant.

Dear Hedgewars players,
please be a bit more patient! Seriously!

Seriously, just look at this chat log:

Hedgewars allegedly wrote:
[15:02] *** Random Player has joined
[15:02] *** Random Player has left

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Seriously, you do not wait even a second nor say “Hello!” nor give they me a chance to say “Hello!”.
You just wander into my room just to immediately quit. It is as if you thought “OMG, run, it’s Wuzzy!”. Wink Smiley This happens to me a lot. Not kidding!
I usually do other things on my computer while waiting for players but Hedgewars says “Hello!” to me if a player entered the room, in which case I switch to Hedgewars of course. Too bad the player already left most of the time. This is seriously annoying, seriously!

Hedgewars players,
please either give room hosters a chance to say “Hello!” to proof to you that they are actually there (and not on a two-week vacation, for example) or do not enter at all if you don’t meant to play at all. Otherwise, you just annoy room hosts.

I have to say that not all players are like that. But it still happens a lot to me.

End of rant.

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I know that problem.

It might be that those people just dislike the selected game mode and also hate to communicate, since they often don't even add a team :P

But well, maybe we should add a "Nevermind" sound when somebody leaves XD

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I think that maybe it is also a consequence from not being able to see the 'Game mode' of a room in the "main" lobby (unless it's in the room title or a mode like Shoppa e.g.).

Some people then enter to see the game mode and leave immediately when they see it's not the game mode that they want to play. I'm not saying that I do it too, nor am I saying that I like that, but it seems many people do that and it's probably sometimes because of that reason.

But it annoys me too, you're definitely not the only one.

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People do this because you're not playing highlander. Happens to me all the time.

I mean, I don't think people even read the room titles, one time somebody dropped by my room titled something along the lines of "Random Modes, No Highlander" and asked me if we could play Highlander...

Seriously, I don't even get the appeal of that mode... what happened to strategy?

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Aha! This explains a lot. I seldomly play Highlander, I prefer other game modes more. It’s not that I don’t play it at all, just less than others.

I will start to write the game type into the room name. I hope it helps.

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