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Hey, I think everything on this website is too small. The font, the used space, etc.

The font would be no big deal when I simply use my browser to resize this. But when I resize the font, the menu at the becomes ugly.

But what really bugs me is that the main part of the page which contains the content is unneccessarily thin. On my screen, only one third of the screen contains actual content, the remainder is just empty space or background. And inside the forum, the area which is already very thin, is even thinner because of space used for menu elements and avatars and stuff.

So overall, this website nees a redesign for readability.

My number one concern is width. Gosh, please make the content area larger. I suggest at least 90% of the browser window’s width.

Thanks for reading.

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This website has needed a redesign for a very long time.
Intensely aware of it, and there are a couple of preliminary designs.
The main issue is that it is using an old version of Drupal, and we'd really like to get to something more modern before retheming it.

Problem is doing that while still preserving all of the site's content/users.
Our attempts at migrations in the past haven't been pretty. Someone from a project offered to help last month, but haven't heard from them.

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