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Dear Hedgewars community,

I would like to present to you a Hedgewars mod by the name of Sandbox. Sandbox allows players to spawn projectiles, effects and other items wherever they want on the map.

The mod uses a custom menu where you can select the weapon or effect, the amount you want to spawn and whether or not to add a fountain effect. Then you just click on the map where you want the selected item or effect to appear. And mostly, chaos ensues!

As you will now immediately understand, the mod is not meant for serious gameplay. But rather to test weapons to their extremes, create as much havoc and find as many weird bugs as possible. The odd server crash is welcome too, of course.

But that's enough talk for now: the reason of this post is mainly that I finally got round to making a video of the Sandbox mode that you can watch on Youtube.

If you would be so silly to try this for yourself, MrBougo has set up a GIT repo where the Sandbox scripts (and some other fun stuff as well) can be downloaded. He would like to apologise for his menu code to anyone who might feel offended. In his words "I stopped when it started working".

I would like to close off this post with a big thank you to the developers of Hedgewars for allowing us to do all this fun stuff.

Kind greetings,

  • PinkRobot

Posted with help and general approval of:

  • MrBougo
  • FruitieX

Peacebrothers clan.

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Heh, nice to see you guys are having fun - and thanks for sharing ;D

I like how the hog drilled into the mine tower :P

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Hey thanks for the nice comment. If you feel like joining one of our funny session with sandbox just send me a PM. We're mostly on late at night (we're all from Europe). We'll let you drill as many mine towers as you want Wink Smiley

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Hohoho, that looks awesome! I can't wait to try it out!

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