[Script-Updates] Heavy & Balanced Highlander

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Some times ago I took the 'highlander.lua' from mikade (Thanks for this awesome mode!) as template and made two mutations:

HeavyHighlander and HighlanderBalanced

Now an update is done and they work in 0.9.20
Download here: http://ge.tt/4oAy2oG1/v/0?c
Copy to folder --> ...hedgewars/ Data/ Scripts/ Multiplayer/


In both scripts is less luck given, the one is more explosive, the other more tactical:

Heavy Highlander:
Only strong weps, new utilities (vampirism, timebox etc), no kamikaze.
You can't have bad luck with weapons, cause nearly everything you get is usefull!
Taken out: Mortar, Limburger, Seduction, Sniper, Desert Eagle, Seduction, Lasersight etc.
Pickhammer instead of kamikaze
Health crates und utility crates (The content can be used only one time)
Random mines + dudmines added and other little changes...
My recommendation: play on BIG maps.


Highlander Balanced:
Weak & strong things taken out (Teleporter, Hellish Bomb, Watermelon, Ballgun etc), some reduced in strength!
You nearly can't kill directly (except kicking into water) with one weapon.
Health crates und utility crates (The content can be used only one time)
And other little changes...
Important: reduced strength for
-Cake (runs only 8 sec, not 20)
-RC Plane (can only drop 1 bomb, not 3)
-Kamikaze (distance is halfed)


In both scripts: IceGun only in crates!

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Hm, no responses yet?

Maybe people are too lazy to install ^^

Could put on DLC (if not already).

Either way - pushing this thread a little :p

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I'd like to note the next version of highlander will have configurable weaponset.

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I've only just discovered this thread! I'm such a big fan of Highlander mode and play it almost exclusively. Any variations on the theme is such a welcome bonus!!! Many thanks for the contribution!

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