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I'm sorry for interrupting your lunch.

I am Myst. I have been a shoppa player for quite long actually, about uhh, 4 years? Well, maybe.

My departure on the previous winter has caused Randy to manage the Shoppa Cup alone. I'm sorry, Randy! I'm not the one who wanted to go, it was really a technical issue.

I'll be buying a new laptop (it means I can play again!) in next two months. After that, I'm ready to kick your ass and develop things into Shoppa once again.

But now, I'll be on here frequently,on the forums. Also, it is nice to see Nexus/nexia or whatever his name stays on the top of the records. Aye, me be proud o' ye!

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u wot m8, it's Nexia :c

Looking forward to seeing you around here again, perhaps we can duel out together seriously for once sometime.

Also what records? The only one I think I solidly do have under my belt is trophy race in 0.9.20, a record which I've held for some months now.

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It's okay bro. Nice to see you again around here

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