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A very old problem of Hedgewars is the fact that it does not play any music whatsoever when entering Sudden Death mode.

The issue was brought up here:

0.9.21 comes with custom Sudden Death music support for themes. However, there is no default. If theme.cfg does not set the sd-music variable, there is still just silence. Too bad that ALL default themes do currently not have this variable set, which means you will still have silence in Sudden Death for all default themes.

Apparently the developers prefer silence over hell.ogg. I understand that some folks do not like hell.ogg as Sudden Death music, but do you really want to have silence more? I can’t imagine that many folks think that way, that’s why I creating this thread so you can share your opinions.

Now I want to ask people here which default Sudden Music do you want to have.

If hell.ogg is so hated as Sudden Death music, I have a different suggestion: Simply use the music the theme already used as non-sudden-death music. That would at least solve the ugly problem of silence without involving hell.ogg every time.

Another suggestion, but not practical at the moment, would be to find someone to create a “default” sudden death music which is not used by any of the default themes already as the non-sudden-deah music.

Another solution would be to assign each theme a sudden death music independently.
I propose this track as Sudden Death music for the Jungle and Bamboo themes: SDOriental_v1.hwp (Source with LMMS files: (License: CC-0)
I already use it in Ninja_v2, which I just released.

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Why not take the lava theme from Supertuxkart and use it to replace the hell theme, with the current hell theme going to sudden death?

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One more idea: default Sudden Death music would be the default music of the theme, but played with some effects, like faster, slower or backwards etc.

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@Danfun64: I am not that happy with the idea of simply re-using a music from another game, and SuperTuxKart is quite popular among FOSS games already. But I think that my suggested music, however, may be fine, it is probably not well known and I also do not know any game which uses this music. So why let this music go to waste? Wink Smiley

@KoBeWi: Nah, that’s kinda lame. The effects have to be really generic for this to work and I have my doubts that this would work well with every music. Unless you have some concrete ideas, what to do, I certainly do not like this idea. It would be better to have dedicated tracks, artists probably know better what to do.

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