editing the last post in a thread bumps it.

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I recently bumped a thread by accident just by editing it to remove typos. This is the first website I saw that does this. Can you please fix the website so that it has separate post time and editing time, like most other forums?

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We could just remove editing I guess.
The main issue is this site is in severe need of upgrading, but no one has the time to do a proper upgrade.

If you're offering to look into it...

One random yahoo search later...
http://discourse.mcneel.com/t/editing-a-post-bumps-the-topic/5382 forum that does same thing, for editing last comment (was yours the last?)

https://forums.gotwoot.net/showthread.php/15900-Editing-a-post-should-serve-as-a-bump (user requesting that behaviour)

Frankly, in terms of list-of-things-to-do this seems very low priority.

One other nice thing about this, come to think of it, is it makes it harder for spammers to sneak spam by us by editing prior posts.

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