Hedgewars iOS new age?

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Pre-history (you can skip this):

I was always had a passion for Worms series and it was really sad what everything that Team 17 released after WWP was like 2nd and 3rd part of Matrix Clown Copper!
Things are getting worse when they came to mobile platform... Well, seriously, does T17 really think that Worms 3 on iOS are playable?? Anyway, after looking for a while for alternative I was lucky enough to find Hedgewars and it's even claimed to have an iOS version! Yahoo! ...and this version was deleted from AppStore since 2012... But you can build from sources! And... with no luck, this part of repo also wasn't updated since 2013 Sad Smiley
So, what to do? "Well", I thought, "if it is just problems with iOS frontend and engine itself working correctly, maybe I can update iOS project easily and build it? Maybe I can do it in less then 2 hours?"
Hah, so naive! It takes around 10 evenings just to build more or less stable version!
(Nonetheless, with great help of dev IRC channel Big Grin )


Hedgewars iOS runs smoothly on iOS 8 Simulator and also tested on real iOS 8 devices - iPad 2 and iPhone 4S



iPad 2 (sorry for shitty camera):

How to:

For a moment changes are not incorporated to main repo, so if you want to build hw for iOS by yourself, you can use my dev fork of existing repo - https://bitbucket.org/antonc27/hedgewars-ios-revival/branch/ios-revival

Build steps for this branch are basically the same as described by koda here - https://code.google.com/p/hedgewars/wiki/BuildingForIos, except following:

  1. I used OS X Yosemite, Xcode 6.4 and iOS SDK 8.4
  2. You need to compile fpc 3.1.1 from sources. Full instructions can be found here - http://m.blog.naver.com/simonsayz/220305479793
  3. Tremor and freetype libraries are not necessary anymore (SDL libraries are here for replacement)

TODOs and known bugs:

Known crashes:

  • choosing 'random' at game config screen
  • playing one game and choosing 'maze' at game config screen
  • trying to change weapons scheme from settings
  • trying to play 'climbHill' mission


  • autolayout problems on iPad at GameConfig screen
  • screen resolution not calculated correctly for retina display (iPad workaround: after rotation screen becomes normal)


  • Missing localizations (both front-end and engine)

Feature suggestions:

  1. changes must be verified by dev community and merged in default branch
  2. open beta testing (this can be easily done with TestFlight SDK)
  3. release kraken to AppStore!! Apple

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Great job! Big Grin
I would love to see mobile versions of Hedgewars.

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Actually, last build is ready for beta-testing Geek
So, anyone who has iOS 8 device and has interest in testing, please pm me Smile

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