Release Candidate for the next version

Geek It took forever (sorry), but finally the next version of Hedgewars is around the corner!

Before release we'd like a few days more of final testing.

So please feel free to play some games using the Release Candidate:

Mac Download (link removed due to package being reported as broken)

Windows Download (zip) (Based on revision 6d5505bff3f3 )

For running the RC on other platforms, you'll have to build from source.
( run hg update 0.9.22-RC before cmake )

Make sure to inform us about any game-breaking bugs you might run into Smile

Thanks in advance!

Note: Since the last release we have moved our repository from google-code to our own host.
So if you already have a repo you might want to check the repo settings (e.g. by looking into textfile .hg/hgrc ) and make sure that default in [paths] points to


The new prng is good :P
This is also what I got with the terrain generator Big Grin

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